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The benefits of quality real estate signage

In the competitive world of real estate, you want your business to stand out with quality real estate signage.

According to the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA), there are over 12,000 real estate agencies in New South Wales alone. This means your business is competing with thousands of others to draw in the eyes of home buyers and sellers.

Quality signage can really set you apart from competitors. It can be the difference between you and agents competing for your clients.

But that’s only one reason to invest in signage that makes an impact. Here is our list of the biggest benefits of quality real estate signage!

1. Real estate signage creates a good first impression

As we all know, first impressions count, especially in real estate. Your signage needs to tell a story instantly from the moment your clients lay eyes on it. This story can be about you as an agent or the property you are selling. In the situation of people driving by, your sign needs to create a connection and show off your brand in a positive light within a second or two. Quality signage can achieve that!

2. Real estate signage develops a strong brand presence

Our cost-effective real estate signage gives you the ability to develop an attention-grabbing message that can be implemented across all your signage.

By adding consistent branding across all your real estate signage, buyers will quickly start to notice your business over competitors, and have you top of mind when they do choose to sell. This is great brand exposure for your agency.

A strong brand presence is key to achieving results. Our real estate signage solutions make this a possibility!

3. A variety of product options at your disposal

Our team has years of experience working with real estate agencies to create signage that pops. Insane’s product range is vast and includes both polyflute and alupanel options. Both of these options can be fully customised to suit your franchise or independent agency’s needs.

Polyflute (corflute) is a twin wall polypropylene sheet. This product is commonly used for temporary signage to advertise your business and services effectively and easily.

Alupanel is a composite material with a thermoplastic polyethylene core and contains flat aluminium panels on either side. Alupanel is long lasting and ideally suited to the outdoors – as it is rust and waterproof.

Both these materials are durable, lightweight, and cost-effective – leaving the hard work to us so you can focus on your sale.

4. Provides an affordable solution

Presenting a cost-effective marketing solution to your clients can mean the difference between them signing with you or choosing another agent. Using our affordable real estate signage solutions gives you a head start when it comes to pitching your services to a new client.

We not only promise to provide value for your money, but also guarantee quality craftsmanship, quick production and turn-around times, as well as attention to detail with every order. Investing in quality real estate signage isn’t difficult when it can help you sell or lease your property with style.

Want to make your properties and business stand out from the crowd?

Talk to us today about the right real estate signage solutions for you and your business.