Car Magnets

Most magnetic signage is used on vehicles when a business needs to temporarily identify a vehicle for a specific reason.

There are 2 standard grades of magnetic:
– Refrigerator type magnets, normally smaller and thinner in size.
– Vehicle magnetic, usually thicker and larger, a heavier grade, with stronger magnetism.

To finish your vehicle magnets we can apply either computer cut vinyl, or a digital print with UV laminate.
There is no difference in the type of signage that can be created for magnetic – whatever can be done on general signage can also be done on magnetic.
Just keep in mind that when not in use it needs to be stored flat. This is because it is thicker, and if it is not stored flat it will retain the shape it was in when you try to apply it to the vehicle. This means it won’t hug the vehicle and will allow air to flow underneath the magnet once you start driving so by the time you get to your destination the magnet will probably be long gone.