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We are a national trade printer and local sign shop based in Cardiff, a family owned & Australian company who pride ourselves on our high quality, fast turn around and competitive prices. We manufacture all kinds of grand format digitally printed signs, banners and fence fabric. In addition to our grand format printing, we also produce standard forms of printing and signage including PolyFlute, BioBoard and alupanel signs, stickers, A-frames, business cards, promotional material.

We have the advantage of 4 grand format digital roll to roll printers, which can print up to 5m wide and a large format Durst Digital UV Flatbed Printer which handles all printing onto rigid substrates. We are the only sign shop to have 5 of these huge printers between Sydney and Singapore, and they allow us to print a capacity of 5km a day of fencing fabric, billboards, oversize banners and stage drops. All finishing is done in-house to minimise turnaround times and ensure quality control.

Our newest printers are the “State-of-the-Art” Durst Rho 512R Plus Digital UV & HP Latex roll to roll printers, along with a Durst Flatbed Digital UV printer. These machines will produce photo quality images on a wide array of materials such as Banner, Mesh, Wallpaper, thin curtain and Artists Canvas, Polyflute, Alupanel.

Wether a small one off job or a large project requiring project management we have the flexibility along with the expertise to help deliver your print job in full on time. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have so give us a call!

Insane Signs & Print, About Us, Insane Signs & Print

Insane Signs & Print, About Us, Insane Signs & Print

Press Release

Press Release, FESPA, Hamburg, Germany, May 11th 2017

Durst has signed a deal at FESPA in Hamburg, Germany for Insane Signs and Print to become the first company to invest in two Rho 512R Plus in the world simultaneously.

Insane Signs and Print, one of Australia’s largest and fastest growing digital print providers in the grand format arena, has bought two systems in a near-$1.8 million AUD investment, to replace ageing solvent printers.

This new Durst technology is at the heart of growth plans, where Managing Director Rodney James’ goal is for Insane Signs and Print’s turnover to double within the next two years.

Grand format specialist Insane Signs and Print is primarily a trade printer offering end-to-end solutions. Based in Newcastle, New South Wales, just to the north of Sydney, it also serves major brand owners throughout Australia and New Zealand. The company is currently producing all types of grand format printing, flatbed and general signage work, sending out around three kilometres of fencing fabric, both mesh and shade cloth, across Australia and New Zealand every day.

“We’ve spent a long time evaluating different printers and were most impressed by the visit to the Durst factory and their extensive testing,” said Rodney James. “When I first went to the Durst factory and R & D facility it seemed like it was something from a James Bond movie – I was like a kid in a candy store. Nothing was too much trouble, and I’ve been absolutely amazed by what I’ve seen, the Durst technology has completely blown me away.

“In all truth, when I was first introduced to Durst I felt there was no way I was going to be able to afford these printers, to me they are the Rolls-Royce of the trade. But we are shooting for the stars, and with Durst’s newer and more efficient machinery I believe I’m going to save over the long term, plus I have the utmost confidence that we will be backed by a fabulous sales, service and support team.”

He added: “As one example, in the past our turnaround time could have been as much as three weeks for jobs over 30,000m², so we had to turn down work when customers required large print jobs in eight days or less. Now we’ll be able to dramatically decrease our turnaround times and ship even large quantities in five days, and, in many cases, within 24 - 36 hours, and for some jobs possibly even offer same-day service. These printers will usher in a new dawn of faster service, with supreme quality, and it’s really exciting to contemplate what we can do for our customers. This is huge for us.”

The two Durst Rho 512R Plus roll-to-roll systems are due to be installed in the next few months, and they can’t come soon enough for Rodney James. The Durst Rho 512R Plus is a superwide 5m UV roll-to-roll printer that prints at 400m² per hour with superior quality. Using flexible inks, it is ideal for many different markets including the fast-growing fabric graphic market, and other display items such as 5m wide vinyl banners and mesh for facade cladding. A further enhancement is the Durst Quadro Array Greyscale Printhead with 2048 nozzles per colour, which achieves optimum print quality with high productivity.

Rodney James runs the business with his wife Sharon. They purchased the business 10 years ago when it was a small sticker shop with one vinyl plotter and no printer at all. Over the years they have since expanded to a formidable printing stable of eight grand format and flatbed digital printers, before this acquisition. Until now, Insane Signs and Print has been reliant on solvent technology. But now the new Durst VOC-free inkjet systems will do the same work at much higher quality with ample spare capacity to enable the business to realise their ambitious growth plans.

Matt Ashman, the local Durst account manager in Australia, said: “This technology will really raise the bar for Insane Signs and Print, which is set to grow its business substantially in the next few years thanks to this new Durst technology, which will open up all kind of new business possibilities. He’ll never look back.”